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Blank Canvas The Christmas Quad 4 Piece Set

Product Info

All brushes are handmade from extra soft, high quality anti-bacterial, easy to clean synthetic fibres. Can be used with cream, liquid, powder, mousse or gel products.

The F06 Bevelled Face Brush.
What you need to know:

A topselling face sloped shaped brush from the Dimensions series, used to apply foundation, blush and contour by buffing products on first and then blending in a stippling motion.

The F36 Round Cheek Brush
What you need to know:

The F36 & F39 multi-purpose design makes it the perfect tool for buffing foundation or blush to the face and blending out seamlessly. This brush is best used with cream and powder products.

The E45 Blending Brush
What you need to know:

The E45 is a must have for any makeup kit. This brush makes blending a breeze and is essential for flawless concealing. This brush isbest used with powder products.

The E35 Flat Shader
What you need to know:

The E35 is the ultimate flat brush-specially designed to expertly pat or smudge colour for the perfect smokey eye. This brush is best used with creams and powders.