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Holos Momma Queen and Baby Gift Set

Happy Momma Body Oil

This sumptuous blend is for use by anyone but is especially very safe in pregnancy and for nursing mums. The essential oils are gently energising and take care of the skin helping to reduce stretch marks and promote cell regrowth for scar tissue. Neroli encourages circulation in the skin while mandarin gives it life helping to maintain bright vibrant skin. Vitamin E and other vitamins and essential fatty acids in sweet almond oil nourish and keep skin smooth.

Happy Baby Body Oil

A lovely blend to complement Happy Momma, this blend of Lavender and Chamomile in Sweet almond oil takes care of baby’s skin needs and is gentle and safe for use on babies and small children. Both lavender and chamomile are relaxants and will help to ease baby to sleep. Lavender gives protection to baby as it is antiseptic, antifungal and and antiviral. The blend is excellent for baby massage and can also be used in the bath.